About Us

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Our Mission
We strive to make you feel at home so we can focus on helping you find the gown that is right for you, while providing the service you deserve.
We work hard to ensure every bride that visits us has a stress-free, fun and memorable experience.​
Our Store

Ve’Lace Bridal is a new bridal store located in the recently renovated Khoury Plaza. Ve’Lace Bridal offers you a fresh and updated yet warm and welcoming atmosphere. Step into our modern, clean boutique as we provide you with the full bridal experience.

Our Style

At Ve’Lace Bridal you will find exclusive styles that come from a variety of premier designers and price points that are sure to fit your range. The boutique is designed to assist one bride at a time. Experience and enjoy a private space with no clutter or interruptions.

Our Staff

Congratulations on your engagement! It is with great pleasure that we introduce a local bridal boutique that offers you a large selection of bridal attire, occasion apparel, and accessories. We understand and appreciate the importance of providing you with the full bridal experience. Helping you find your dream gown is our mission.

Get to Know Our Staff
Shadia, Owner
Shadia, Owner
Since entrepreneurship ran in my family and it was a passion for us all, I too wanted to own my own business. I had to figure out exactly what type of business I wanted to run. The day I said yes to my bridal gown was the day it finally hit me – a bridal boutique!

I remember the feeling I got when I walked into the bridal store. Everything about the shop was magical. It left a lasting impression and I knew I had finally figured it out. It was exactly where I wanted to be career wise and I would do everything I could to give brides the ultimate bridal experience.

Ironically, even as a little girl I can recall being impressed and mesmerized by brides. I remember a time when my father and I drove by a bride stepping out of a limo and working her way up a church staircase. I cried and cried until I convinced my Dad to stop and pullover so that I could just stare at the bride and her attire. It brought me so much excitement and joy. It was a very magical moment for me and to this day I still remember the bride’s dress and veil!

Five years later, I can truly say that I made the right decision with Ve’Lace Bridal. When you visit the store, don’t be surprised to catch me glancing at the bride and just staring in awe. I still get mesmerized by the beautiful gowns. I continue to look forward to the thrill that it brings me while giving you everything a bride deserves and more!

I have a passion for making brides feel beautiful. Every bride is special but my goal is to make them feel like they are the queen for the day! This starts with the most magical dress that suits each brides personal style. Whether they are going for the simple sleek look, or the dramatic ball gown effect, I love helping brides into gowns that they normally wouldn’t have picked for themselves.This takes their experience to a whole new level, something they have never imagined before. Brides deserve that “ultimate” bridal experience and it is my job to go above and beyond to create that for them. My mission for my brides is to find them their absolute perfect gown for their special day, and most importantly make sure they have a wonderful experience!
After many decades in corporate America, I found a rewarding and memorable job as a bridal consultant making people happy with their experience in selecting a bridal gown. My goal is to offer a special atmosphere to find their wedding gown and bring everlasting memories of a dream come true for the bride that glows with that special smile when she finds the perfect dress.

I look forward to the many brides that I will work with in the future and the ones I have had the pleasure helping to find their dream dress.

You want to make their heart flutter putting them in “the one”!

She may be the newest edition to the Ve’Lace Bridal team, but Julia is a seasoned consultant who adores a good love story! After graduating college in 2014, she worked as a wedding planner at a local zoo; but, her true passion was always for fashion! As a consultant, Julia loves working with Brides who are open to something different or out of the box! Recently engaged herself, she is up to date on all the latest trends and styles!

Best Advice for Brides: “Stay true to you! Every bride is unique and deserves to be celebrated for what makes her special!”

Tips for Shopping At Ve’Lace Bridal: “A little party never hurt nobody! Don’t be afraid to pop some champagne with your girls and enjoy yourself! This should be a fun, relaxing process!”

I have always had a love for bridal and I love what I do! I’m currently studying Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Framingham State and I hope to live out my dream of helping brides at such an important time in their lives. I love working with brides who don’t necessarily know exactly what they want! I love a challenge and I live for the “Ah ha” moments when they find their perfect style! My advice for brides would be “Don’t knock it until you try it!” Many brides come in with one style in mind and end up falling in love with a completely different silhouette! If I could give a tip in order to get the best experience at Ve’Lace Bridal, I would say to not get overwhelmed! Sometimes it takes time to find “The one,” but when you know, you know! Trust the process!