We’d like to make you aware of shipping issues we are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A trickle down effect is happening in our industry which is causing lots of manufacturing delays. Because of this, all our special orders are at risk of being delayed…
What does this mean for our brides? The estimated ship date we originally provided may change. Throughout this challenging time, we have yet to experience any major delays. We are working closely with our designers to ensure all gowns arrive in time for weddings. Our designers’ global teams are working diligently to ensure this as well. We value your patience throughout this process and are so grateful you chose Ve’Lace Bridal to be your bridal boutique.
If you are considering us in your bridal gown search, please take this into consideration:
Bridal gowns take approximately 4-6 months for production while alterations will preferably begin 3 months before the wear date. Because of this, we suggest you shop 9 to 12 months before your wedding. Special occasion gowns take 3-4 months with alterations beginning 4-6 weeks before the wear date. Therefore, we suggest you ladies shop at least 6 months before the wedding. Special orders can sometimes be fulfilled through a gown that was recently cut and put into ‘hanging stock’ which means the special ordered gown will either ship immediately or prior to its original ship date. Many of our mothers of the bride/groom dresses have stock options as well. All ship dates are estimates and some designers offer rush delivery options. We require a minimum of 6 months advance notice to place a special order especially if the gown is not in stock or available for rush. With that said, all our gowns are available for off rack purchase and therefore we will assist you regardless of your wear date.
Wedding a year away? We can help.
Wedding in a month? We can help.
Wedding next weekend? We can help.
Our thought process is this. If you cannot rely on the bridal stores to assist, who is supposed to help you? Regardless of when your wedding is, you are to rely on us for help! The only major difference is we may need to find you something off rack or in stock. Your options are limited in comparison to special orders but we take very good care of our samples and we’ve got plenty of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from.