Today we share a sweet Love Story of our bride Courtney and her fiance Chris…
Chris and Courtney met on October 15, 2011. For months Courtney always joked with her girlfriends saying that she was so sick of dating, wishing her Prince Charming would arrive right at her front door! Well, that’s just what happened! She was getting ready for a night out with a group of friends, when there was a knock at the door. She answered wearing her leopard bathrobe, holding her roommates fluffy white puppy. She will never forget the very first moment she laid eyes on her husband to be!
Love at first sight is what it was. The moment they met, she knew this was the man she was meant to spend the rest of her life with.
6 months later she moved in with Chris and his best friend (who is the best man!). It was like Threes Company. They got a little pit bull puppy who they named Tuukka, and is the light of their life!
Their relationship continued to grow, and over the years have created many, many amazing memories, worked through challenges, and both grew up from young kids in their early 20s, to two adults that knew without each other, life would never be truly lived, nor complete! Chris is Courtney’s soul mate, best friend, her other half. They share so much in common; music, they love working out together, eating delicious food, ‘date night’ with a good movie and bottle of red wine! Not to mention they make each other laugh so hard they literally cry! They know each other so well, and being with Chris makes Courtney feel safe and at home. They complete each other in every way and she loves him eternally.
July 4th 2015 they woke up early and were planning to spend the day at Courtney’s families beach in Falmouth on Cape Cod with two of their great friends. Chris casually said to her, “Court, are you going to shower and get ready?” She replied with, “we are going to the beach! No shower for me!” He loves her in sweats, dressed up, any way, really, so she knows he was thinking that she would want to be put together for photos! She proceeded to throw on a baseball cap, no makeup, bathing suit and sun dress without a care in the world as they drove to the beach. Little did she know what was in store! She appreciated his little hint in effort, but being totally shocked and taken off guard made it all THAT much better!
Sean was taking tons of photos as they were walking up the path and since Sean is a quirky, funny guy she thought nothing of it! They walk over the sand doons, and BOOM- she is blind folded! In complete shock she thought to herself, “could this be it?!” Then, Chris started playing a special song that means a lot to them from his phone and she knew this was it. The tears began to flow as he led her down the beach, carried her down the jetty, to their destination. Now, this is her family beach and the very spot she spent every single summer of her life since she was born! It holds her happiest memories, and is no question her most favorite place in the entire world. The man who loves her knows this, and chose perfectly.
The end of the jetty is decorated with roses, rose petals, champagne, tequila (THAT is another story!), an adorable sign, and of course, ring box.
It was as if time slowed down as the person she adores asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. It was a magical, movie-esque moment that she will forever treasure.
On July 9, 2016 at Courtney’s families home right next to this special beach, she will become Mrs. Wesche!
They have a glamorous, shabby chic “old Cape Cod” wedding planned with their dearest friends and family. She found her most perfect gown at Ve’Lace Bridal in Bellingham, and their special day can’t come soon enough!
Courtney cannot wait to marry her love, her rock, and her Prince Charming. Cheers to forever!