Get to know the girls of Ve’Lace Bridal!
Part 2!
Courtney joined our team back in July of 2015. The moment she walked through our doors is the moment we knew she was a perfect fit for Ve’Lace Bridal. Still in college, Courtney dedicates her time to us during the off seasons and weekends here and there. She is extremely motivated, outgoing, and “bubbly”. She also has tons of patience and works well with the brides – she has made so many brides happy! We could not imagine the store without her. Request Courtney as your consultant and you wont be disappointed! Get to know Courtney more below….
  • Favorite Food for a Wedding; Chicken
  • Favorite Wedding Movie: 27 Dresses
  • Favorite Season to Get Married: Fall
  • Favorite Month to Get Married: October
  • Outdoor or Indoor Ceremony? Outdoor
  • Beach Wedding? Dreamy and slightly breezy
  • Romantic Chic Mansion type wedding or Rustic Simple Barn type wedding?: Definitely chic mansion Cinderella wedding
  • What do you grab for a quick sip during a bridal appointment (ex. water, soda, coffee)?: champagne, always champagne (JUST KIDDING!)
  • What would you grab for a quick snack in between bridal appointments (chips, candy, etc): cheese and crackers
  • Your favorite bridal gown silhouette: ballgown
  • Your favorite bridal gown fabric: Lace or satin
  • To Veil or Not to Veil? Headpiece instead? Or the whole kit and caboodle? Definitely the whole kit and caboodle
  • Where did you grow up?: Milford, Massachusetts
  • Why Bridal?: I like being a part of the happiest day of a woman’s life, seeing the reactions of everyone when they see the dress… makes all the tough decisions worth it!