Get to know the girls of Ve’Lace Bridal!

Part 5!
Allie has been with Ve’Lace Bridal for 7 months now but it feels like forever. We adore her and from day 1 it was apparent that bridal was her dream! The team loves her and she works extremely well with brides. She also knows the inventory inside and out. Describe what you’re looking for and she knows just what to pull. Learn more about our amazing bridal consultant Allie below!
  • Favorite Food for a Wedding; Chicken Parm!
  • Favorite Wedding Movie: Wedding Planner!
  • Favorite Season to Get Married: Summer!
  • Favorite Month to Get Married: June!
  • Outdoor or Indoor Ceremony? Outdoor ceremony for sure
  • Beach Wedding? – Beach wedding! With lots of pink and gold accents!
  • What do you grab for a quick sip during a bridal appointment? I drink water and coffee in between appointments!
  • What would you grab for a quick snack in between bridal appointments? Quick snack would probably beeee ummm candy!
  • When do you see yourself getting married? I see myself getting married when the cows sing LOL(but really😒)
  • Your favorite bridal gown silhouette: Favorite silhouette is probably trumpet with a fun bottom!!!
  • Your favorite bridal gown fabric: Favorite fabric would be umm just something fully beaded!
  • To Veil or Not to Veil? Headpiece instead? Or the whole kit and caboodle? Veil and a headpiece, I would do the whole kit and caboodle!
  • Where did you grow up? Bellingham, MA!
  • Why Bridal? I picked bridal because I love to make women feel confident and beautiful especially on the most important day of their life thus far!