It’s pretty common for couples to opt for a so-called “destination wedding”, which quite possibly could involve a beach.  The thing is, everyone has a certain style they lean toward…Classic, Hollywood Glam, Rustic, Boho, and the list goes on.  Well surely, the rule of thumb states that a destination wedding needs a destination style gown.  WRONG!

Just because you’re getting married on a beach with an ocean backdrop doesn’t mean your dress has to be a light, billowy chiffon.  Maybe your vows will take place on a mountain top with majestic views!  That may be an earthy setting, but boho doesn’t have to be the style you wear.  Wherever it is that you have your ceremony, it’s still your wedding day…so be who you are!  If you are traditional silk with beaded lace overlay and long train, how beautiful that will be in the glowing summit sunset.  Got a little Marilyn Monroe?  Great!  What glamorous pictures you will have with the ocean at your back.  Just think how beautiful your Bellagio crepe and lace will be deep in the forest with chandeliers and mercury glass candlelight.  Oh the possibilities!


Just one thing you may want to keep in mind when choosing your gown for your destination is the temperature range of the day.  You’ll want to be comfortable from start to finish, so for instance, if ceremony time is 5 pm and you’re wearing a full satin ball gown on the tropical waterfront, heat exhaustion would be a legitimate concern.  You’d probably want to consider scheduling an earlier/later ceremony or air-conditioned terrace!  Maybe you’ll be married in a breezy valley with the reception under the stars, your dress style may call for a pretty wrap or (dare I say) denim jacket (!) to stay cozy during the evening.  The most important thing is to stay true to yourself; the style that makes you feel beautiful and confident no matter where the “I Do’s” are said!