Our Hottest Bridal Gown Appointment Tips

Let’s face it! Bridal gown shopping can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking.

Well, we here at Ve’Lace Bridal put those feelings in to check! Bridal gown shopping should feel exciting,
stress-free, relaxing, and fun!

Below we will show you how to properly prepare for your appointment so that you have no fears regarding bridal gown shopping.

What to Bring…

1. Bring up to 3 guests whose opinions matter the most to you.

2. Bring photos of gowns that catch your eye (through Pinterest, magazines, etc.).

3. Bring a strapless bra if you have one (no need to go out and purchase one).

4. Bring a pair of heels with a height you think you’d wear on your special day.

What to Expect…

1. Expect to be welcomed and greeted by your bridal stylist!

2. Expect a conversation with your stylist and guests at the beginning of the appointment. This discussion will include talks about styles, budget, timelines, and wedding details. Need to keep something private? You may call us in advance to discuss prior to your appointment!

3. Expect the bridal stylist to find styles on your behalf and based off your vision. Many brides end up in a different direction however we always begin with matching your initial dream dress description.

4. Expect us to be very productive during your appointment. Believe it or not we actually get quite a bit done during this time, so much so that you will likely find your dream dress! We are able to remain productive since 1. you’re stylist is dedicated to working solely with you and 2. we are highly trained and very knowledgeable in bridal attire.

5. Expect to be presented with a collection that offers a variety of looks! Here at Ve’Lace Bridal we stay current by meeting our minimum requirements per the designer (fine, sometimes we go over our minimums, don’t judge us!). What we’re trying to say here is that there’s no need to worry about whether or not we’ve got a certain look – we’ve got all the silhouettes, necklines, fabrics, and styles you’re dreaming about. Oh, and within your budget, too!

6. Expect to try on gowns that will fit you! We offer samples sizes ranging size 8 through size 28. If the dress is too large, we have handy clips and clamps that will allow us to show you what the gown would like like in the proper size and fit!

What Not to Expect…

1. Do not expect to feel rushed. As we mentioned earlier, we are extremely productive during your appointment and have no interruptions while doing so. This means we have more than enough time for you to try on lots of styles!

2. Do not expect to feel pressured. At Ve’Lace Bridal we understand that ultimately this is your decision to make. Our mission is that we make your gown shopping so stress-free and relaxing that you feel confident and ready in making a decision.

3. Do not expect to have to pay ‘an arm and a leg” at our store. We believe in reasonable prices when it comes to wedding dresses. On average, our gowns range from $1500-$2000. With that said, we most certainly have styles for under $1000 and over $2000. In any case, we’ve got all budgets covered!

4. Do not expect for the bridal gown purchase to be so final! Remember, you still have so much to plan for and look forward to. The wedding gown purchase is just the beginning. As we say at Ve’Lace, your happily ever after starts here. OH and something to note, we offer “reveal” appointments in which you may return to our store and continue to try on the sample of your gown. Now here’s something fun, we love using brides as models. What this means is we just might steal you for an impromptu play dress up session! Lastly, you’ve got plenty more appointments in which you’ll get back into your dress, like your preview appointment and fittings.

5. Do not expect to purchase a dress you’ll later hate. Why? Because we are really good at our jobs! We specialize in reading bridal body language (yes, it’s a thing) and we also remain true to our brides. In so many ways you will let us know how much you love the dress, plus, we don’t specialize in selling dresses per say; we specialize in matching and creating visions. We are certain that you’ll say yes to a dress and we can totally tell if you’re truly in love!

6. Do not expect to work with a stylist that will judge you or make you feel bad. We are a team of ‘women for women’ – we support women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We don’t discriminate and we don’t judge. Amongst other things, our employees were selected because of their kind hearts and good characters. We also tell our brides to think of it as your doctor’s office. This is what we do day in and day out so there is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing we haven’t seen or been through – we solely work with women and we are a supportive, caring team of employees!

Little things to note…
We strive to make you feel at home so we can focus on helping you find the gown that is right for you, while providing the service you deserve. We work hard to ensure every bride that visits us has a stress-free, fun and memorable experience.​
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