We have the pleasure of seeing so many brides find their perfect gowns and get ready to marry the spouse of their dreams. We want the best for our brides and love when we get a chance to see and share their photographs, sharing the smiles, love and laughter that they got to experience on their big day. That being said, we thought it would be a good idea to share something a little different on today’s blog – a post about wedding-day essentials for the engaged brides out there looking for peace of mind that they will be prepared for everything that might come their way before walking down the aisle.

First comes the wedding dress.

The first item on many bride’s checklist, is make an appointment at your favorite bridal store and find your dream dress. Once you find your perfect wedding gown, it’s important to figure out what you’re wearing underneath. As you attend fittings and your seamstress makes alterations to your dress, you’ll need to wear whatever you plan to wear on the day of your wedding to ensure a seamless fit. A comfortable strapless bra, like these ones, is always a good idea, since it’s versatile and compatible with a variety of necklines. Speak to those that sold you your wedding gown for tips on caring for the dress, too. You might need to invest in a fabric garment bag to protect the gown or should have safety pins and a sewing kit handy to handle any last-minute stitches that need to go in. Ask the experts – they’ll be able to tell you exactly what you have to do.

Second comes hair and makeup plans.

Are you going to have a hair stylist and makeup artist come to your venue to get your hair and makeup professionally done? Or are you doing it yourself? What about your bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law? Make sure you have all of these details ironed out in advance to figure out exactly what needs to be prepped. Either way, make sure you and your bridesmaids have small makeup bags handy with touch-up products. Think eyebrow scissors, travel mascara, concealer, powder and a powder brush. Do the same with hair products, including extra-hold or volume hair spray, bobby pins or clips, a comb and a hair tie (or a whole pack to cover your bridesmaids!).

Next comes first aid and skin protection.

Whether it’s blisters from your wedding heels or a scrape that needs treating, have a first aid kit available for any accidents that arise. If you have it, hopefully you won’t need it! Definitely pack sunscreen as well. If you’re worried about it blending with your makeup, look into a kind that’s compatible. Even if your wedding isn’t outdoors, coordinate with your photographer to see if he or she plans to take you outside for a long time. If your wedding is outside, think about allergy meds and bug spray.

Don’t forget friends and loved ones.

Your wedding day is all about you and your husband or wife, but there are many people that have supported you through your journey and have helped to make sure your day is perfect. Be sure to think of them when packing your wedding-day bag. Should you get your mother-in-law a small gift? What about your bridesmaids? Are there vendors that deserve a thoughtful thank-you note? Make sure you have all of your options covered with gifts and thank-yous, so you’re not left running around the morning of your wedding.


For all the brides-to-be out there, we hope that this list was helpful! Every bride is different, so really think about what you might want or need for your wedding day, and be prepared for anything that might come your way. No matter what, you want to be happy, confident and focused on enjoying the day you’ve been dreaming of!