We have put together a list of answers to a questionnaire that every bridesmaid needs to know about bridesmaid dress shopping! 
What is something every bridesmaid should know before dress shopping?

1.       Bridesmaid dresses can take approximately 10 to 14 weeks for delivery. The gowns in store are samples only and are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Keep in mind that bridesmaid gowns are not made to fit and most likely will require alterations.  
2. What are common issues you see bridesmaids have when they are dress shopping?

There are times that bridesmaids are required to wear a style or color that they aren’t used to. Sometimes this is frustrating for the bridesmaid especially if they find it unflattering for their figure or skin tone. Example, a bride may choose a color that makes the bridesmaid feel washed out and uncomfortable. We have very skilled bridal consultants on hand that will assist the bride in choosing the best styles and colors for her bridal party. It is our job to ensure that the entire bridal party looks amazing. Visit our Pinterest page for bridesmaid styles and colors that you and the bride won’t hate. Nowadays designers are creating gorgeous styles that don’t scream tacky!  
3. What advice do you have for bridesmaids who are shopping without the bride around?

1.       If you are shopping without the bride it is important to ask her the following questions beforehand. What color would she like?  How about a style? Does she want all the girls in the same dress? Or maybe different styles are okay as long as they are in the same color? When visiting your bridal shop you will be asked these questions so be sure to come with a prepared list of dress requirements from the bride. If you are looking for a specific dress we will require the style number in order to look it up. Some brides request a general color (e.g. in the blue family) while others have their heart set on a very specific shade of blue (e.g. Tiffany blue). If your bride is very specific with the shading then we ask that you bring along a swatch of the color or the designer’s color name.
4. Who should bridesmaids bring shopping with them if the bride isn’t able to come?

1.       If the bride is unable to attend your appointment then we suggest bringing the other bridesmaids. If none, your best bet is to bring a family member or friend. Otherwise, we have very skilled consultants that are happy to provide you with assistance and honest opinions!
5. What is something you typically see bridesmaids becoming frustrated over while shopping?

1.       Sizing! We want to educate you and let bridesmaids know that it’s NOT you! Bridesmaid dresses run small, anywhere from 1-3 sizes too small. Don’t be surprised if you end up having to order a size larger than your normal clothing. Again, it’s not you and we can assure you of that. Try not to focus on the number and instead try to remember that the ultimate goal is to achieve a perfect fit.
6. What is a common mistake you see bridesmaids make while dress shopping?
1.       The biggest mistake we find bridesmaids make is to attend an appointment and not expect to try on gowns. We are all women here and fully understand the good days and bad days with regards to hair, makeup, and body. We all go through it and even the bride. Your best bet though is to try and remember that it is the bride’s special day and we don’t want to ruin or take away from that. It’s important that we pull it together for her and put a smile on even if the gray shade she chose is making us even paler than we already feel. Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a great honor – she is telling you that she wouldn’t want anyone else to stand by her side on one of the most important days of her entire life. That’s pretty important! So try to remember this when you attend the bridesmaid appointment and expect to try on a variety of gowns that may not fit right, may be the wrong color for your skin tone, or be on a day that you aren’t feeling your prettiest. And we are here to help!  
7. What advice do you have for bridesmaids who dislike the dress the bride wants them to wear?

1.       We do see this from time to time. It is important for you to feel comfortable but remember that ultimately the bride has the final say on the dress color and style. With that being said, we find that most brides are extremely understanding and also wants her girls to be comfortable. We feel confident that if you voice your concerns to the bride she will likely allow for a different style.
8. Any other advice?

1.       Lastly, taking the bridal stores size suggestion is of great importance. We have one chance to get the gown to fit you properly and therefore it is important to never size down. It is easier for a gown to be taken in versus let out. Remember that bridesmaid gowns are not made to fit. Most bridesmaid dresses require alterations and most women are in between sizes. We always suggest going with the larger size and having it fitted to your body. There is only so much that can be done when letting out a dress and doing so will most likely end up costing you more money. Trust the bridal shop and go with their size suggestion and consider alterations as a must. 
All questionnaire answers courtesy of the Ve’Lace Bridal staff.  Interested in a bridesmaids appointment? Call us today! 508.966.0091