Hello ladies! Here is a topic that can be helpful to those of you that are still shopping for your wedding gown even after saying yes to your dress. You read that right! This is a topic for those that are still shopping even after purchasing their dream wedding gown. This happens to a lot of brides and not because they don’t love their dress….

Once in a great while, we hear from brides who tell us that after saying yes to a dress they continue to search for bridal gowns. It probably doesn’t help that it’s hard to avoid wedding gowns when you’re planning for a wedding.  This may occur due to the fact that there is a significant amount of time between when you’ve said yes to when the dress actually arrives. So how do you turn all of this off? Here we hope to help you with the bridal gown shopping temptations through these 5 easy rules!

1. Visit Your Bridal Gown! 

Ladies, don’t be afraid to contact the bridal store where you purchased your gown. If your dress hasn’t arrived yet, request for an appointment to retry the sample. At Ve’Lace Bridal, we love having you back to visit the sample of your gown. We remember how much you loved your dress and get excited to help remind you why you chose it too! If your bridal gown is already in from the designer just simply ask for a retrial appointment. This will allow you to get back into your dress versus the sample. If you’re one of our brides, please don’t hesitate to call for a sample visit appointment or retrial appointment. As long as we haven’t sold the sample off the rack, we are more than happy to accommodate this!

2. Focus on Accessories!

Rather than viewing bridal gowns on Pinterest, view bridal gown accessories instead! A great way to get the focus back on your gorgeous gown is to really think about what you’ll plan to wear with your dress. Shoes, belts, jewelry, boleros, headpieces, garters, clutches, sashes, veils…. so much to think about! At Ve’Lace Bridal, we love when our brides email us with photographs of veils, shoes, or sashes to see if we have something similar in stock. We are happy to check our inventory and get back to you. Our accessory, shoe, and veil designers have a variety of styles.

3. Delete and Discover! 

We highly suggest you consider deleting any items that were used to help you find your dream gown. This may include bridal gown apps, bridal gown magazine clippings, Pinterest bridal gown boards, or folders and files that were dedicated to the wedding gown shopping. You won’t be needing any of these anymore since you’ve found your dream dress! Discover new boards, create new files or folders, or download new apps that are dedicated to Rule #2 above! Ve’Lace Bridal has great Pinterest boards for you to see from accessories to bridesmaids, hair styles, and more!


4. Don’t forget the other details, too!

Remember, you’re planning a wedding and have lots to do! Be sure to keep a to do list and check off items as you complete them. Take this time to do the things that will be just as exciting as it was to shop for your wedding gown. How about plan your honeymoon… luxurious suites, relaxing beaches, cozy bungalows, spa and massage for two, ahhhhh!
At Ve’Lace Bridal we keep a preferred vendors list and are happy to send one to you. In regards to travel, we highly recommend Atlas Travel of Milford MA for your honeymoon planning.
Ask for Jane and let her know we sent you. You won’t be disappointed!
508-488-1175 Jane.Davis@atlastravel.com 

5. Dress The Party! 

Don’t forget to put your energy and time into shopping for your girls! This includes the maids, mothers, flower girls, and grandmothers! If you don’t have girls to shop for then focus on dressing the boys (they could use the help, haha). So instead of browsing bridal gowns, start looking at colors, fabrics, and silhouettes for the special people in your life. At Ve’Lace Bridal we are happy to provide you sample swatches of bridesmaid or mother gown colors. Each designer offers a variety of colors and fabrics. We are also happy to help you choose the correct complimentary colors that won’t clash or compete.

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