Nothing surprising here. Brides love color! And yes, the moms do too! Well…. moms need to see it to believe it first. It’s not until we pull that bright white wedding dress when moms realize that they would much rather see their daughter wearing the dress that offers a pop of color over the stark white……

Now don’t get us wrong and although not common we do see brides select a white wedding dress and it is absolutely beautiful! What we are saying here is that we are more commonly seeing brides choose gowns in blush undertones. Still very bridal, these colors offer a regal, feminine, Β and elegant look.

So many designers are offering wedding gowns in a variety of color options. Typically the options come in white, ivory, or a blush/champagne/gold color option. Most of the time you see gowns offered in a two-tone effect such as ivory over light gold, ivory/blush, etc. It’s soooo pretty and it really allows the details such as lace to pop against the contrast. We are obsessed! Take a peek at some of our favorites…..