Justin and Lindsey actually met in middle school. They were in a few classes together, but weren’t really close of friends. It didn’t help that Lindsey went to a different high school. Justin was in the same boy scout troop as Lindsey’s brother so they still saw each other often and their parents became friends, too. Sophomore year of college, Lindsey’s high school boyfriend broke up with her and when Justin found out about it, he asked Lindsey’s dad if it was okay to ask her out on a date. They went out a few times and, even though she was going to be leaving to study abroad in England in a few months, they decided to start dating. Justin came to visit while Lindsey was there and after a few years with great memories, vacations, and starting the process in buying a house together, he proposed on their 2 year anniversary.
Normally, Lindsey would choose the restaurant for their dates so he had already asked her a few days before so she would have a restaurant prepared to go to. When they started driving, he hadn’t asked her where to go yet so she decided to see what he was doing. Lindsey knew exactly where they were the whole time they were driving but couldn’t figure out where he was going! They passed restaurant after restaurant and finally Lindsey gave up guessing in her head and just watched the scenes. They finally arrived at the boat launch to the lake they always took the boat out on (and where he asked Lindsey to be his girlfriend) and she was completely confused. “Did he put the kayaks in the truck before we left?” “I’m wearing a nice dress I can’t go kayaking.” “Is the boat already here somewhere?” Lindsey thought to herself. Then she noticed him get out of the truck and walk around to her side and that’s where he proposed. Since they were buying a house together, Lindsey knew it was going to happen, but she didn’t expect it to be at that time.
The next year, the day after their 3 year anniversary, they got married! ?
We should also note that he asked Lindsey’s Dad for permission to propose to her! He had to ask the night before their anniversary since her dad isn’t good with secrets. He had to give him the least amount of time so he couldn’t spill the beans! 
Lindsey wore a gorgeous gown designed by Stella York – she made a custom change by having our seamstress add a beautiful lace strap effect to the gown as shown.