Hey ladies! Thanks for tuning in to our blog! We are so excited to present to you our ideal wedding planning timeline! Follow this timeline to assist you in creating a smooth, stress-free wedding process! Although this is our ideal timeline, if you are a planner and prefer starting things sooner, by all means do so! It’s always safer having too much time versus not enough……

12 Months Before

  • Book Venue
  • Draft Guest List
  • Engagement Party
  • Register

10 Months Before

  • Pick an Officiant
  • Choose Vendors
  • Select your Bridal Party
  • Take Engagement Photos

9 Months Before

  • Order your Gown (9-12 Months before is ideal)
  • Cake Tasting & Order Cake
  • Hair and Makeup Trials Booked

6 Months Before

  • Send Save the Dates
  • Book Honeymoon
  • Purchase Wedding Bands
  • Order Bridesmaid dresses (6 months before, the latest!)

4 Months Before

  • Select Groomsmen attire
  • Confirm Vendors
  • Decide on Hair and Makeup

3 Months Before

  • Start Bridal Gown Fittings
  • Purchase Day Of Accessories

2 Months Before

  • Mail Invitations
  • Write or Decide Vows
  • Confirm Day of Transportation

6 Weeks Before

  • Apply for Marriage License
  • Get Everything Printed
  • Bridal Party Fittings (Alterations for Moms and Maids)

1 Month Before

  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bridal Shower

2 Weeks Before

  • Final Dress Fitting
  • Review Music with DJ/Band

1 Week Before

  • Final Headcount
  • Finalize Seating Chart
  • Pick Up Bridal Attire


Get Married and Live Happily Ever After!