From the first moment Sabrina walked through the doors of Ve’Lace Bridal in March 2022, we knew she was special. Sabrina came into the store accompanied by her mother, her younger sister, and her future mother-in-law, and even though she was nervous, she was elated to finally be shopping for her dream wedding dress to marry her soulmate, Michael. But before we share the details of Sabrina’s dress and pictures from her and Michael’s big day, we must go back to September 7th, 2019, the night of Sabrina and Michael’s first date.

To do their love story justice, we reached out to Sabrina to tell us more about how her and Michael met and fell in love:

Sabrina has always been, in her own words, “…a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic…” To prove her point, she told us about a time in high school when she was tasked with writing an essay about what she dreamed of for the future, “While other students around me wrote about their desired careers, their favorite sports, and fun hobbies, I wrote an essay that I titled, “Sweet Dreams are Made of This.” In my essay, I wrote about finding a love with a man that was so strong, so beautiful, so real. A man that I could build a future with…At that time, I truly did not believe that I was asking for too much from the Universe. It turns out, I wasn’t…” Another thing you should know about Sabrina is that she loves the Fall, specifically Halloween. While this may not seem important to the story, Halloween will play an important role in Sabrina and Michael’s relationship, beginning with their first date, “Michael arrived holding two sweet pumpkins, carved with the handwritten date, ‘09-07-2019’…” It was this romantic gesture that showed Sabrina how special Michael was and the love that was growing between them was exactly what she had been dreaming of her whole life. From that day, their relationship progressed quickly. The two went on their second date, just the next day, despite living over two hours away from each other and within no time they moved in together, anxious their life together as a couple. Time goes on and Sabrina and Michael are blissfully happy, living with their three cats, Storm, Shadow, and Smokey, having the love they have always dreamed about. Their journey as a betrothed couple began in July of 2021. The couple went on a walk through their favorite nature preserve and when Sabrina turned around from taking a picture of the gorgeous scenery, Michael was down on one knee, fulfilling Sabrina’s lifelong dream of being engaged to her knight in shining armor.

Fast forward back to March 2022 when Sabrina and her family came to Ve’Lace in search of her perfect dress. While she did not know exactly what her dream dress would look like, she knew she wanted to emulate the classical romance of old Italian luxury. Sabrina worked with Shadia who, as always, knew just what to pull to complete Sabrina’s vision and make her feel like the most beautiful version of herself. It is nearly impossible to describe the feeling of utter elation upon finding your dream gown, but Sabrina described her joy so perfectly, “I cried. ‘I waited my whole life for this,’ I said. I then looked at Michael’s mother, my future mother-in-law, and said thank you, because without her I wouldn’t be standing where I was. And I wouldn’t be marrying the man of my dreams. My soulmate. We all cried – happy tears.”

Sabrina said yes to the Italia Style Grace gown by designer Eddy K. As fate would have it, Eddy K is an Italian designer which perfectly matches Sabrina’s inspiration. The Grace gown is an elegant sheath style gown complete with beaded lace sleeves and pearl buttons cascading down the train. To complete the ensemble, Sabrina wore a stunning cathedral length veil with embellished leaves along the edges, the perfect match to the leaves embroidered on the sleeves of her gown, another sign that this was the perfect look for her romantic Fall wedding.

Sabrina and Michael finally said “I do” on October 31st, 2022 at Saint Catherine of Siena Church in Norwood Massachusetts. The theme of their wedding was “Written in the Stars” a homage to how their love was written in the stars. Sabrina did her own hair and makeup and looked stunning in her perfect Eddy K gown. Their nuptials were photographed by B. Remembered photography, who perfectly captured the beautiful romantic intimacy of the day.

Everything from Sabrina and Michael’s love story to her experience at Ve’Lace, makes it more than obvious that the Eddy K Grace gown was made specifically for her and that her and Michael’s love will last a lifetime.