Why Buying a Sample Gown is a Win/Win For Our Brides!

Why Buy Off-Rack?

There are a few reasons why a bride may choose to purchase her wedding gown off the rack.  One being she has a tight timeline and simply does not have 4-6 months to wait for a special order gown to come in.  Buying off-rack is not only great for a bride with a tight timeline, but also for brides with a tight budget.  The best thing about our sales gowns is their discounted price, and they will work for any bride with any budget!  A lot of brides ask why the dresses are such a discounted price; well, I’ll tell you!  Most of our sale collection consists of dresses that have been discontinued by the designer, meaning they are no longer making that particular style.   Since special ordering is not an option, we offer these discontinued gowns at a sale price.  The other reason for the great deal?  The dresses have (potentially) been tried on more than once by other brides, therefore the bride purchasing the gown will be offered an amazing deal!

What to Look For

If you fall in love with a dress that is in the wrong size, it may be tempting to buy it, simply because you love it (and because of the price)!  But we recommend buying something that’s not too big or too small.  This is simply due to the fact that buying something out of size range means more costs in alterations which defeats the purpose of your wanting savings. With that said, 99% of wedding dresses require some form of alterations and so avoiding them altogether is not realistic. But, you can most certainly minimize the costs by finding a dress closer to your true bridal gown dress size (the size we would order if we were special ordering a dress for you).

Other things to look for when purchasing your wedding gown off the rack is the wear and tear (pulls, tears, broken zippers, etc.). We take excellent care of our inventory, and our dresses remain in great condition; that being said though, there are some dresses that have been in the store for a few years, which means they’ve been tried on by several brides.  Not to worry … we always triple check the gowns before a bride purchases them and will make you aware of any issues that cannot be fixed in alterations!  (we don’t keep the gowns that cannot be fixed anyway).

So, buying a gown off rack means: 

  1. Other brides have potentially tried the dress on 
  2. Some light wear and tear that can be fixed in alterations
  3. Saving money

Here are just a few of the GORGEOUS samples that are discounted & available to purchase off the rack at Ve’Lace Bridal!

Book an Appointment!

Whether you have a tight timeline or a tight budget, buying a wedding dress off the rack is a great option for any bride!  We would love to show you our collection, so go to our Facebook page, our website or just give us a call and book an appointment to work with your own personal bridal consultant.  We can’t wait to help you find the dress of your dreams!



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