Every Body Every Gown!

You’ve just started researching the beautiful world of wedding gowns, in search of the PERFECT dress for your big day… but you have no idea where to begin, or what silhouette will actually frame the shape of your body perfectly. Don’t worry! We are here with an easy to navigate silhouette guide! For the Petite [...]

Sleeves on Trend!

Wedding trends tend to come and go, some being more timeless than others. One current trend that we are absolutely loving are long sleeves! Regardless of the season, we think long sleeves add a classic look to almost any style of dress. Whether you are getting married outdoors in September or inside a church in [...]

The Buzz on Be You! Read the positive words these fashion publications have to say about Justin Alexander's latest campaign with Iskra, and share the positivity of Be You!

The Struggle

"I love the dress but this is my first stop" "It can't be this easy, can it?" "I feel like this is the one but do you think I should try on more?" The bridal gown struggle! We've heard it all, and trust us, we understand. We are here to help you not only in [...]

A Love Story

Today we share a sweet Love Story of our bride Courtney and her fiance Chris...Chris and Courtney met on October 15, 2011. For months Courtney always joked with her girlfriends saying that she was so sick of dating, wishing her Prince Charming would arrive right at her front door! Well, that's just what happened! She [...]


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